Broleplay 1/13 - Minotaur Madness

Alternate Title: 'Hammers Don't Float'

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After a tough battle against an awakened blood elemental, the party found themselves tired and bruised, standing over a strange stairwell leading downward into darkness.

Having expended most of their abilities, the party set up to rest in what little shade they could find and as night began to fall they gathered their strength and set forth somewhat refreshed into the tunnel.

“I’m attacking the darkness!”

The party headed into the tunnels and, with the help of Ronfar’s Light spell, were able to slowly but safely make their way into the halls below. As they traveled deeper the party began to notice a strange magical phenomenon — noise was being dampened, so much so that they were forced to shout to communicate with someone only a few feet away.

The party tied a rope to one of the halflings and all grabbed hold to ensure they would stay together, and after several more minutes of traveling and attempting unsuccessfully to light the path ahead with firebolts, eventually emerged together into a large, triangular room with obsidian columns and a huge obsidian statue of a minotaur.

The party explored this chamber and noticed a strange gibbering chatter coming from the minotaur statue and were headed to examine the sealed door on the other side when the statue sprung to life and grievously wounded Strayer with a surprise attack before charging across the room and pinning the unsuspecting Pimkin to a wall with its horns.

More like Pin kin

During the battle it was revealed that a small, blue-green tentacled creature was inside the statue. After it’s armor was destroyed the creature lashed out with it’s 3 clawed arms and the stinging tentacle atop its head, but the party managed to surround it, setting it on fire as Ycy perforated it with a flurry of ‘snikts’.

The party then took a moment to heal up and make sure everyone was in one piece before proceeding to investigate the door. Even with Tathrag’s skills it took several minutes for him to open the lock, and as the door open, Pimkin found himself drawn into the room by a primal urge he could not resist.

Old Magics.

Upon entering the vaults, Pimkin immediately reaches for a glowing orb on a pedestal. A pulse of magical energy is released as the noise-dampening effect is dispelled and causes Pimkin to experience a vision that reveals to him some of the true nature of this artifact and as he comes to he insists to the others that they cannot let anyone outside of the party know about it.

The party gathers what valuables they can along with the corpse of the strange creature and exit the way they came. They smuggle the orb back into Kael Faen and rests for the night in their usual rooms at The Crossed Staves.


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