Broleplay 1/20 - You're feeling hungry...

Alternate TItle: 'Why Don't We Check the Corpses?'

Last Time on Broleplay…

Practice makes Perfect

The party awoke from a restful night’s sleep in the Crossed Staves Inn, eager to put their new equipment to the test since the conclusion of their first expedition with Mercury Exploration. Ycy left immediately, skipping breakfast (though not without stealing a biscuit with his ‘snikts’ on the way out) to see if Cilia of The Fox’s Arsenal had been able to extract useful poison from the Mamura.

He met back up with the party who then sat out on a short journey out of town to practice their skills, and Pimkin in particular sought to learn more about the mysterious orb that had drawn him to it. Strayer, meanwhile, mastered the art of throwing his warhammer at stationary objects.

Something slimy this way comes…

After a semi-successful morning of practice, including scorching grass and striking trees with lightning the party returned to Kael Faen. Pimkin and Ronfar headed to see the wizard Agamon, and then to the Synagogue of the Seven Circles for Ronfar to pray. During this time Ycy and Strayer were accosted by a man whom at first seemed to be a drunkard, leaving greasy smears wherever he touched.

After a brief fight it was revealed that the man was merely a puppet, his insides mostly dissolved and feeding an olive slime that, upon his death, melted and consumed what flesh remained. Strayer and Ycy destroyed the slime but not before it could infect Strayer, who suffered a decrease in his physicality and ravenous hunger as the slime began to feed on him.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Drink this!

After the party reconvened and noticed Strayer’s strange behavior, they set out to Rosy’s Oils and Elixers to have her examine a bit of inert slime that Ycy had scooped up. Playing into Strayer’s ravenous hunger, she handed him a potion of paralysis which he immediately quaffed. During the brief effect the party was able to reveal the slime moldering on Strayer’s chest and were able to freeze it off thanks to another one of Rosy’s potions. Rosy then left to alert the local Clerics to a possible outbreak.

The party also ran into Mara, who was able to provide some unexpected help when she smelled a wine delivery on the wind. Disguised in the smell of decay was the aroma of the noble rot fungus, a prized fungus allowed to grow on grapes in certain vineyards in order to produce truly spectacular vintages. One famous vineyard in particular she knew utilized this fungus; Le Chateau Gluant.

Two and a Half Horses

After a bit more investigation within Kael Faen and a good night’s sleep, the party decided to seek out the source of this infestation which they had determined to be the Chateau Gluant vineyard. After renting a horse for Strayer, a horse for Ycy, and a pony for Ronfar and Pimkin, the party set off on the day’s travel to the chateau.

Upon arrival the party was met by the smell of mildew on the air and a thicket of overgrown and non-producing grape vines, all coated with a slimy substance and barely contained by the walls around the estate. Through one of the breaches in the wall the party began to explore the grounds, finding first a 100-foot-long barn, padlocked closed with the words ‘Do Not Open’ scrawled on the doors in blood.

Strayer, sensing evil coming from inside the barn, was not able to heed the warning. Driven by his Paladin Oath he struck the lock, destroying it and sending a portion of the barn door into splinters, which he then swung open to reveal a large group of ‘slime zombies’ — and two undead horses.

Let’s camp for the night.. far away from here.

After vanquishing the evil presences Strayer felt, the party found 3 bottles of Chateau Gluant summer blend as well as a simple iron key. Despite that, they decided to camp outside of the walls and to continue their search in the morning. Strayer and Ycy were briefly infected with the olive slime again, but thanks to Ronfar’s acuity as a Cleric they were able to be cleansed, and the party left to find their horses and make camp in a small, well-sheltered alcove.


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